VIRGINIA BEACH-- Joe began his training at Goodwill with Charles Garland and quickly learned there's more to processing donations than meets the eye.

Each day 70 to 100 cars drop off donations at the Goodwill store on Princess Anne Road and Lynnhaven Parkway and everything gets cleaned and ready to resell.

'We have to do 90 pieces of clothing on the rack. We have to do two racks an hour. So, on an average day we can get out 2300 to 2500 pieces of clothes,' said Goodwill employee Kathy Viohl.

Cars drop off items all day long.

'Belts! All old belts go in this one,' said Garland.

There are 14 Goodwill stores in Hampton Roads that help get people to work.

Garland says the store, 'Does things that helps people get themselves back on track and get themselves back on time with the working force they can do, to help themselves.'

Joe says the job he was doing was made possible by all that Goodwill does.

'Our founder Jay Edgar Helms believed in a chance not a charity. He believed that people, if given the opportunity, that they truly want to work and become productive members of our society,' said Danielle Cronin of Goodwill.

'I like to sort clothes and handling clothes, and it's going good,' said trainee Vanessa Tinsley.

Joe was amazed at how often the bell rang and another car pulled up to donate, keeping him busy all day.

'And it's always about giving back to the community. And they're always a great set of people. You come in and you get everything here,' said shopper Dawn Hall.

All the merchandise out front means a whole lot of work going on in the back room.

'Not just the items for sale but people's lives and livelihoods,' Joe said. 'Giving people a second chance, a job and a reason to keep going on when they've taken a fall.'

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