KILL DEVIL HILL S -- A woman who lived in a quiet Kill Devil Hills' neighborhood has been arrested for allegedly breaking into her neighbor's homes to steal cash and prescription drugs.

According to the Kill Devil Hills Police Department, 40-year-old Lillian Walworth of the 300 block of Live Oak Court, broke into homes on her street a dozen times since July.

Police say the neighbors who live on Live Oak Court are a close-knit group. 'Most are on a first name basis, and they look out for each other when one of them is away. But even this ad hoc 'community watch' was no match for the perpetrator,' police wrote in a press release.

According to police, Entry was typically made by breaking out a window. Each of the break-ins occurred during the day and some occurred during very narrow windows of opportunity. In one case, a homeowner left for an hour and came back to find their home burglarized.

Police say electronics, jewelry and other valuables in plain view were left untouched.

Increased efforts to catch the culprit paid off when a camera caught an image of a person moving through a victim's back yard. Walworth was later identified.

Police say Walworth eventually admitted to breaking into her neighbors' homes.

Walworth was arrested and charged with six separate counts of felonious breaking and entering. She was placed under a $9000 secured bond. Additional charges are pending.

According to police, they also found items related to the alleged crimes at Walworth's home, including a hammer and a sweatshirt with glass shards in the fabric.

Neighbors who knew Walworth described her as a 'friendly, quiet person.'

Police say Walworth had been to at least two neighbors' homes after the break-ins were discovered to share concerns over the incidents.

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