EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - The Seattle Seahawks are Super Bowl champions and several players from Hampton Roads are part of the team that won the Lombardi trophy Sunday night.

The Seahawks trounced the Denver Broncos 43-8 and Virginia Beach's own Percy Harvin added insult to injury early in the second half.

The Seahawks were up 22-nothing to start the third quarter and Harvin made sure the Broncos would have an even bigger gap to close. He credits his teammates for giving him the opening to turn on the speed for his 87-yard kickoff return that started the second half.

'Those guys petty much cleared the right side of the field, there were only 2 defenders over there, I think. I just took the gap and hit it as hard as I could,' Harvin said.

Kam Chancellor from Norfolk intercepted a Peyton Manning pass in the first quarter. That led to a Seahawks touchdown.

Harvin, who was knocked out of the previous game because of a concussion, is thrilled to be #1 and is savoring the Seahawks' first Super Bowl victory.

'This whole season, the way it all unfolded, is surreal,' he stated.

Other players from Virginia on the field for Seattle - Chandler Fenner from Va. Beach, Russell Wilson from Richmond and Michael Robinson, also from Richmond.

Playing for the Broncos is Vinston Painter of Norfolk and Paris Lenon from Lynchburg. Denver Coach John Fox hails from Virginia Beach.

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