Investors are keeping a close eye on Capitol Hill today. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen will be testifying before the Senate Banking Committee. No major bombshells are expected, but market watchers will be monitoring her testimony closely for hints on what the Fed's next move might be.

Major changes are coming to Delta's frequent flyer program. The airline is now going to base rewards on money spent rather than miles flown. The change takes effect next year. No word yet if other airlines will be following Delta's lead.

American Airlines is making changes to a special program. The airline is eliminating bereavement fares. Those are special prices for passengers booking at the last minute because of a relative's death. American's merger partner, US Airways, does not have a bereavement policy.

If you really need to have Thin Mint cookies but can't seem to find them, have we got an app for you. It's called the 'cookielocator.' It uses your phones GPS to find the nearest Girl Scout troop in your area. It even maps the route for you.

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