A Michigan meat processing plant is recalling 1.8 million pounds of ground beef for possible contamination with e-coli bacteria. The USDA says the meat from Wolverine Packing Company in Detroit was sent only to restaurants. The government is not identifying which ones. The investigation has identified 11 people in four states who have been sickened by the potentially-deadly bacteria.

A megabank pleads guilty. Credit Suisse admits to helping clients evade US taxes with secret accounts. The Swiss bank will pay nearly $3 billion in penalties and turn over information about account holders.

AT&T is trying to help travelers locate their baggage. The company's new 'smart luggage' lets users map out the exact location of their bags on their smartphone. You can also trigger a light on your bag to help locate it on a crowded conveyor belt. No word yet when 'smart luggage' will hit the market.

Burger King is revamping its 40-year-old slogan. Instead of the iconic 'Have it your way,' the company is tweaking it to the slightly hipper 'Be your way'. The fast-food chain says the new version projects individuality and hopefully will resonate more in pop culture.

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