CHESAPEAKE -- A fast-growing city in Hampton Roads is showing interest in light rail.

A potential route could take riders in Chesapeake from South Norfolk to Greenbrier as part of the plan.

This month, council members are expected to ask Hampton Roads Transit for help finding close to $2 million for a corridor study, which is the first step in the process of securing federal and state dollars.

'I think it would be a good thing to come here because traffic is really horrible, especially on Greenbrier Parkway,' said Chesapeake resident Lasonya Allen.

The city expects a major development in the Greenbrier area over the next 20 years that would compare to Town Center in Virginia Beach.

Local Frank Richardson says it's critical that all city's in Hampton Roads start linking together.

'Each municipality could be a lot stronger by combining powers in this market and light rail is a good place to start.'

In 2000, voters approved the idea of light rail on a referendum.

The concept has been a part of the city's long-range plan.

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