HAMPTON -- Virginia's new voter ID law took effect Tuesday.

When voting you will now need to show a valid form of photo identification.

'There are 8,757 Hampton registered voters that don't have a DMV license, however, they may have other acceptable forms of photo ID to vote. We want to ensure everyone understands the law & able to obtain a free ID if needed,' said Gaylene Kanoyton, President of the Hampton Branch of NAACP.

Citizens can obtain a free ID during normal business hours at the nearest Registrar office. The number for the Hampton Registrar is (757) 727-6218.

Click here for more information on Virginia's ID law

Acceptable forms of ID to Vote
Valid Virginia Driver's License
DMV-issued photo ID card
Valid US Passport
Valid Employee photo identification card
Other government-issued photo ID card
Valid college or university student photo ID card (issuer must be an institution of higher education located in Virginia)

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