CHESAPEAKE -- Navy SEAL Jay Redman is known for starting Wounded Wear but he's speaking out about being a crime victim.

In the last three years, Redman says he's been burglarized at his home on Laurel Avenue in Chesapeake five separate times.

'We bought this place for a reason, because of the location. We're on the backside of the Elizabeth River and I don't want to have to move because of thugs,' Redman said.

On Sunday night, Redman got the thieves on camera. The suspects broke into his truck, which was clearly marked with Wounded Wear designs and plates, identifying him as a combat war veteran.

'I'm sure they never looked twice at the truck. I'm sure they never looked twice at the decals. I'm sure they didn't even notice it said combat wounded plates on the license plates.'

They've been hit so many times, Redman and his wife Erica had to take a minute to count.

'So Halloween decorations, then the credit cards, then the bike, then the kid who got into the car and open the garage door. Yeah, it's been five!' said Redman.

They are happy police responded quickly last night and brushed for prints this morning but they wish there would be more follow up and can't believe that only one suspect has been caught.

'I'd like to see more patrols in this neighborhood. Obviously if this is the fifth time in three years, there's a lot of individuals who move in and out of here.'

Chesapeake Police did not say whether they would step up patrols but said that the case was just assigned a detective who should be contacting the victims soon.

Anyone with information on these incidents is asked to call Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

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