NORFOLK -- When Kate Robinson of Portsmouth shipped off her laptop for repairs, she thought it would take a few days for it to return.

That was almost three months ago, when she mailed it to Fast Laptop Repair, which then had a Virginia Beach address.

She still hasn't received her laptop and says she calls the company several times a day.

'No return phone calls at all,' Robinson said.

Fast Laptop Repair sports a Better Business Bureau seal on its Web site, but the company is not accredited by the bureau.In fact, the bureau gives the company an 'F' rating, citing it for nine complaints andfailure to respond to four of them.

The company also does not have a license to do business in Norfolk, its new location.

It was there we found the company's owner, Jamie Steadman, who said his business has hit hard times. He said he's recently laid off his only two employees.

'I haven't returned anybody's calls,' Steadman said. 'When you get overwhelmed with everything, sometimes you want to take a break from everything.'

He said he will get his business license and get his company back on track.

'I'm trying to get everything up and running, one step at a time,' he said.

After our interview, the company's Web site included a new post: 'Current delays converting our old office to a home-based office. If we have had your laptop for over 14 days and we are not waiting on parts, you will receive a free repair.'

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