VIRGINIA BEACH An elite Virginia Beach-based Navy SEALs unit shot and killed Osama bin Laden in a nighttime raid on his hideout in Pakistan.

13News military reporter Mike Gooding spoke to former SEALs about their counterparts' successful mission.

'The outer features of the compound were studied intensively and there were certain assessments made about where individuals were living and where bin Laden and his family were,' explained Obama's chief counter-terrorism advisor John Brennan.

Media outlets including ABC report the assault was led by the Naval Special Warfare Development Group or Navy SEAL Team Six based at Naval Air Station Oceana's Dam Neck Annex.

The team was on the ground for only 40 minutes. 20 to 25 of the SEALs disembarked from the helicopters as soon as they were in position and stormed the compound, killing bin Laden and at least four others.

'This is like the SEALs' version of raising the flag on Mount Suribachi,' exclaimed former SEAL Don Shipley. 'It's huge.'

Shipley lives in Chesapeake and spent 24 years in the Navy.

'You look at these SEAL operations and there's only two ways it can go,' said Shipley. 'Hero or Zero. It's a very unforgiving place. If that thing would have gone bad for those guys to have gone into Pakistan and executed that as properly as they did, it's a huge day.'

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