NORFOLK WVEC and the staff at Norfolk Botanical Garden are preparing for the 2012 Eagle Cam season.

New state-of-the-art cameras have been installed near the nest. Two cameras focus on the nest while the third camera provides images of the beautiful surrounding area, including various perches used by the eagles when they are not on the nest, and one camera will provide infrared night vision.

Barriers protecting the area around the eagle nest have been installed. They are designed to keep people away from the sensitive nesting area, restricting the pathway through the Renaissance Court and the Matson Garden area roads.

'Norfolk Botanical Garden is pleased once again to be able to help provide the informative and educational video of this fascinating nature activity,' said Don Buma, executive director for Norfolk Botanical Garden. 'As visitors from around world view this pair of eagles, it is our hope that each person acquires a greater appreciation of plants and animals and the environment in which they live.'

Several upgrades are planned for the Eagle Cam page on, which will begin streaming 24/7 in January. Also, sound will be added to the live web stream.

This unique experience is made possible through a partnership of Virginia Department of Game Inland Fisheries, WVEC, and Norfolk Botanical Garden.

'Eagle Cam provides a rare opportunity to observe a family of American Bald Eagles in the wild,' said Tod A. Smith, President and General Manager of WVEC. 'We're proud to host the Eagle Cam for the seventh consecutive year on, and to bring this fascinating video to online viewers in Virginia and around the world.'

The eagle pair at the Garden includes a male which has nested at that site for the past eight years, and his new female mate. The previous female was killed when she was struck by an airplane at Norfolk International Airport last April.

Their three eaglets were transferred to the Wildlife Center of Virginia in Waynesboro and were released into the wild last summer.

You will be able to view Eagle Cam at, along with daily slideshows of activity at the nest.

Other enhancements to the project will be announced soon.

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