NORFOLK -- A dead Sei whale has washed on shore in Ocean View in Norfolk.

Virginia Aquarium responded to the call near 1st View Street in Ocean View.

Officials say the deal whale is 42 feet long, and has been identified as a male Sei whale.

The animal had a deep 1.5 ft. gash on the back of its head, which fractured the skull, according to Joan Barns with the Virginia Aquarium.

The whale also had traces of orange and brown pain or rust, which suggests that it was hit by a vessel. Officials don't know yet if the whale was alive at the time of the boat strike.

'The whale's skin and organs are still intact and in good condition, indicating that the animal has not been dead for long, ' said Susan Barco, senior scientist with the Aquarium's Stranding Response Team.

The team will work with the City of Norfolk to remove the whale from the surf.

'Since Monday is a city holiday and the weather conditions are expected to be unfavorable today and tomorrow, the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Team anticipates performing a necropsy on Tuesday or Wednesday,'Barco said.

The team will monitor the whale periodically until then.

Officials say even in death, whales like this one are protected by federal marine mammal protection act and people should stay away from the animal.

The aquarium says taking pictures is allowed.

There was a female sei whale stranded in Sandbridge in March, which was also the result of a boat strike.

Sei whales are endangered species.

The whale is on the beach near Greenie's restaurant.

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