NORFOLK -- The Izard family has turned their home into a River Star Home.

According to the Elizabeth River Project, seven steps make a house a River Star Home, and the Izards have done all of them.

'We compost our refuse from the house. We also mulch our grass rather than bag it, and we have a rain collection system, so we don't have to stress the city's water system,' described Jim Izard.

Hundreds of homes have become River Stars and the Elizabeth River project is thrilled

'We have a new scorecard. We are tracking the health of the Lafayette and we're seeing some historic firsts in terms of the turnaround that is happening here through the partnership of so many people including the River Star Homes,' said Marjorie Mayfield Jackson with the Elizabeth River Project.

The so-called Learning Barge was docked at the Izard's pier to raise Awareness about the Riverfest coming up in two weeks. They want people to come aboard to learn how to do the kind of things the Izards have done.

'They'll come aboard the barge and learn what they can do at home, school or business to help out as environmental river stewards.' commented Robin Dunbar.

About 1,500 people turned out for Riverfest last year. This time around, it will be held April 28th in the Colonial Place section of Norfolk.

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