SUFFOLK--A woman filed a sexual battery charge against a massage therapist in Suffolk after she told officers he touched her inappropriately on a massage table.

She told police it happened at Massage Luxe location on College Drive in Suffolk.

Steven Poch was charged, booked and released on bond.

He says the client claimed that there were two times when his touches crossed the line - once while she was face up and another time while she was face down.

'I don't know what happened in her brain, but it didn't happen,' said Poch, who vehemently denied her claims.

Poch remains on staff at the Massage Luxe spa. A staff member at the front desk said a manager was not available to comment on the allegations.

Suffolk Police say there isn't any indication there are other alleged victims in this case.

Poch is set to go to court on the charge on June 7.

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