GARYSBURG, NC -- A mother was found shot to death on the back porch of a vacant mobile home where a car had been set on fire.

Northampton Co. authorities say Crystal Bell had been shot several times, and they believe the fire was intentionally set.

The sheriff says the abandoned mobile home is about two miles from where she lived with her boyfriend and her eight-month-old daughter.

Boyfriend Shawn Robinson is being questioned by police. They've been called to Robinson's house before on domestic violence complaints.

'But that's any relationship,' said Robinson. 'You have your ups and your downs. There was never anything physical.'

He says he was in disbelief when he heard the news.

'I didn't think it would be true,' he said.

Robinson last saw Bell Saturday morning before she left to buy furniture in Raleigh.

'I don't understand how she could be here if she was supposed to be in Raleigh. I just don't know,' Robinson said.

He told 13News he thinks Bell had been targeted for a while. Someone set her house on fire twice in Roanoke Rapids. The most recent fire was the in October, the day their baby named Miracle was born.

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