NORFOLK -- Brutally hot temperatures have returned to Hampton Roads.

13News reporter Joe Flanagan found some folks beating the heat at Dairy Queen. For every Blizzard sold, the chain donated a dollar to the Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters.

Then it was off to Virginia Beach to witness artists making ice carvings.

'We have people that come by just to chill out, because it's so cold in here,' said Ice Art owner Steve Latham who was working on an ice guitar for Nickelback who's playing at Farm Bureau Live this weekend.

Latham admits it's a pretty 'cool' job.

'When we are done carving, we are pretty much dripping wet from all the water and ice and slush. Get outside and it's like you start to steam,' described Latham. 'Your body starts to steam because it is so hot out there.'

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