RICHMOND-A proposal for an 18,500-seat arena near the Oceanfront calls on support from people around Richmond.

But if Va. Beach builds it, will they come? People in Richmond on Monday were divided about making the two-hour drive down I-64.

'It's not that bad of a drive. I used to live in Virginia Beach, but I think the draw would be big enough to bring people from here,' said Jenny Jenny Newell.

'Doesn't make a lot of sense for me,' said Drew Burrichter, 'I would spend as much time at the game as I would driving.'

Va. Beach's Dept. of Economic Development says that if Richmond's media market is included with the resort city, Southeast Virginia, as it would be called, would serve 3 million people. Currently, the markets are separate.

Backers defend the merging, comparing it Oklahoma City. The Thunder is there and it also serves Tulsa, which is almost a two-hour drive.

It's not clear how Richmond officials feel about the idea. When asked, they were still buzzing about the Washington Redskins training camp moving to the city.

As of last Friday, the mayor's office said there had not been an effort from Virginia Beach to bring Richmond into the arena conversation.

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