PORTSMOUTH - A Chesapeake man is charged with animal cruelty as his dog is slowly being nursed to health.

38-year-old Louis Madison Holloway, Jr. was arrested following an investigation into several dogs running loose on Virginia Avenue in Portsmouth, where he used to live. Those dogs were located and secured by Animal Control officers, police said. It was then that officers thought they saw a dead dog tethered on a chain in the yard, but it was alive.

The lab/pit bull mix, now named Hope, was taken to the vet and then to the Portsmouth Humane Society over the weekend.

'She is doing better and better. She got another bath today and soaked up the sunshine outside and walking around my office for a bit,' PHS Executive Director Christie Chipps Peters told

Peters says Hope's care is expected to cost around $500.00 and donations in any amount are appreciated.

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