VIRGINIA BEACH -- Virginia Beach Police want to quadruple the number of cameras at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront to help keep people safe.

The police department wants to install higher tech, digital cameras in trouble spots.

Beach police have 19 cameras at the Oceanfront. The majority are on Atlantic Avenue and at the Boardwalk. There are also cameras monitoring traffic at 22nd Street.

Beach police would like to increase that number to 90 cameras at the Oceanfront. That would cover the Boardwalk from Rudee Inlet to 40th Street.

According to Lt. Bob Christman, cameras would also be beneficial on Pacific Avenue, Norfolk Avenue, Virginia Beach Boulevard and Laskin Road.

Police say the current cameras are two to five years old but are outdated and analog quality.

The new cameras are digital with enhanced resolution and the ability to zoom in.

Updating the technology could help police solve crimes, according to police spokesman Jimmy Barnes.

Police request 80 to 100 copies of video from the current cameras each year to help solve crimes such as fights, vandalism and theft.

The cost of the upgrade is still being determined but police estimate it to be at least a couple million dollars.

City Council must still approve the funding for the technology. Police are also looking into grants to help pay for the project.

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