SUFFOLK -- Hampton Roads localities are urging residents to give their opinions about the future of transportation.

'Navigating the Future to 2040,' is a plan that will address future road, transit, freight, passenger rail, bicycle and pedestrian needs that impact the region's economic vitality and every citizen's quality of life.

Dwight Farmer, director of the The Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization,expects significant change by 2040.

'It won't be business as usual,' said Farmer. 'We're becoming hyper mobile.' It's a term he uses to explain Hampton Roads drivers' need to get to places quickly and conveniently.

He says it's critical that the public get involved now to help local and state leaders determine what projects move forward and where best to spend billions of dollars needed over the next several decadse.

You can take the survey onlineat the HRTPO Website.

Results will be presented to state lawmakers and transportation leaders from all over the region.

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