NORFOLK-- The holiday shopping season will end pretty much how it began. Stores are open all night, offering big deals and people are spending money.

Tarrah Jones said she did most of her shopping early, but this weekend she'll be out taking advantage of last-minute sales.

'Money pops up, lets go get more,' said Jones.

Most stores are extending their hours, but a few like Toys-R-Us and Kohl's are open 24-hours until Christmas Eve.

James Davey said he won't be out during the extra shopping hours but its a good option for others.

'It's gonna be good because people like me do wait sometimes until the last minute, so it's going to help people out and help Kohl's out too,' said Davey.

Some shoppers tell 13News they don't think the around-the-clock shopping will be as popular as black Friday.

But MacArthur Center Mall General Manager Jim Wofford said it's just another way stores are appealing to shoppers.

'A lot of merchants have changed their shopping philosophies. Rather than wait to the end of the season to give the discounts, people are looking for discounts in the middle of the season,'said Wofford.

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