NEWPORT NEWS -- Two days ago crews began clearing storm drains in Newport News, ahead of heavy rains expected this week.

Workers have been on 12-hour shifts to ensure storm drains are free of debris that might lead to flooding.

With two back to back floods in 2012 at the Virginia Living Museum, a digital warning system is now in Deer Park Lake to warn staff when water levels are reaching a dangerous point.

'A system sends text messages automatically to our security system, ' said Fred Farris, the museum's deputy director.

About a dozen people will get messages after hours if the lake climbs to four different levels.

'We know when the lake is coming up and how fast it's happening, giving us time to get in here [the museum] and do emergency preparedness,' added Farris.

The two floods in 2012 caused more than $950,000 in damage and closed a portion of the museum for months.

Since then, the museum has installed flooring that is more flood-proof and raised the furniture and computers on the lower level.

'If we get another flood, hopefully our damage will be around $50,000, and we'll be back in business quicker. But, hopefully it doesn't happen,' said Farris.

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