General Motors is trying to get ahead of safety fixes by issuing another recall. This time, nearly 2.5 million vehicles, mostly the Buick Enclave and Chevy Malibu, are affected. GM has recalled nearly 14-million cars and trucks this year.

The recall of possibly tainted beef is expanding. Rhode Island officials say the ground beef from a Michigan plant was delivered to at least 128 food facilities. Now there's concern that some of the meat may have gone to grocery stores.

Pet owners have complained for years that pet food and treats from China are making their dogs and cats sick. Now Petco and Petsmart are going to stop selling them. The treats should be off shelves by the end of the year.

Chuck E. Cheese is going to test out the virtual reality world. The pizza chain is going high-tech by teaming up with Oculus to test a virtual reality headset. Here's how it works: kids put on the Oculus Rift to enter a see-through tube. They can follow instructions given to them by a virtual version of the chain's mascot.

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