SEATTLE -- Seattle police took one person into custody at Seattle Pacific University after reports of a shooting.

Seattle Police initially tweeted they were searching for a second suspect on the campus, but later said no additional suspects were being sought.

Police said there were three confirmed victims with gunshots wounds, but SWAT was still searching. At least two victims were found at Otto Miller Hall.

Seattle Fire tweeted that medics were administering ongong CPR to one man on the way to Harborview.

SPU posted that they were evacuating Otto Miller Hall.

The shooting was reported at 3rd Avenue West and West Nickerson.

SPU said the schools is currently in lockdown. Students are advised to not leave the buildings and to close window coverings and move away from the windows.

They advise to check their website and their Twitter account at @SPUnews for updates. Their emergency hotline number is 206-281-2800.

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