RICHMOND (AP) -- The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles getting ready to implement legislative changes that go into effect July.

Among the changes is the repeal of the $64 hybrid vehicle license tax. Those who renewed hybrid vehicle registrations for multiple years are entitled to a refund.

The state sales and use tax also will increase slightly to fund transportation projects.

Beginning in July, active military members returning from an official absence, have 14 calendar days to obtain a current vehicle safety inspection sticker. That's nine more days than the current law.

The department also will be requiring those convicted of a DUI to install an ignition interlock system as a condition of restricted driving privileges, even if the court doesn't require it.\

Since 2012, it's been up to the courts to decide whether or not a person convicted of DUI should have to install an Ignition Interlock system on their car.

Ignition Interlock is a device about as big as a cell phone. It plugs right into the ignition and the person has to blow below a set limit before the car will even start.

The reason behind the new law is to keep drunk drivers off the road.

'The reality is it saves lives. If you want the privilege of driving on the road after you've been convicted of DUI, it's important to make sure that others, as well as yourself, are safe on the roadways,' Michael Goodove, a Norfolk-based lawyer told 13News Now.

The device costs offenders about $60 a month and includes re-rolling tests to make sure there's no alcohol being consumed at all during the ride.

Drivers also can indicate an intellectual disability on their licenses.

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