EXMORE -- A man who was carrying a 12-pack of beer and a shotgun on his moped while he led police on a chase through Exmore has pleaded guilty to a series of charges.

Bobby Bundick, 58, of Painter, was seen by town police driving erratically and weaving from lane to lane through town as he turned onto Willis Wharf Road.

'The moped was heavily laden,' said prosecutor Bruce Jones in Northampton Circuit Court in Eastville. 'He drove off the road, into a field, crashed the moped into the trees and yelled at the officer pursuing him.'

Jones said Bundick instructed the police officer to 'kill me.'

Jones said 10 beers from the box had been consumed. A later test showed Bundick's blood-alcohol level to be .22, almost three times the legal limit.

Bundick's unruliness led the officer to use a Tazer to subdue him, Jones said.

Bundick pleaded guilty to eluding, second-offense DUI and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Bundick, who has been in jail since December, will remain in jail to await sentencing.

He told officers he planned to give the .50 caliber muzzle-loading shotgun to his son as a present.

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