HAMPTON -- Not everyone had to wait for one of the many local fireworks shows that have been rescheduled for Saturday night.

Although Hurricane Arthur forced several Hampton Roads communities to postpone their fireworks presentations, the show still went on at Fort Monroe in Hampton.

Traffic was backed up for miles as cars inched in near the fort. After patiently waiting for the show to kick off the first of the fireworks started around 9:15pm

Ashley Ragas was in her car by herself stuck in traffic. 'I decided to meet a friend out and I'm probably am not going to be on time,' she said.

The show lasted about 15 minutes and spectators had mixed opinions. Many people expressed their disappointment. William Blount said: 'It was too far away. It really wasn't good. People came all the way out here to see good fireworks. It wasn't good fireworks tonight.'

But Mike Poteet wasn't let down.'I was satisfied,' he said. 'It was great because everyone came to the fireworks. We were the only ones that had it.'

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