VIRGINIABEACH -- Aminiature poodle is recovering from what her owner described as a vicious attack by a pit bull Saturday.

'This is a suture stitch here with a drain on this, but here is where the major surgery happened with the stitch right here on her neck,' said Genaye Robinson, the miniature poodle's owner.

Robinson was walking her two red miniature poodles, Fozzie Bear and Penny, Saturday near Pacific Avenue and Ninth Street. She told 13News Now someone on a yellow bike had a brown and white pit bull that got away from him, and the pit bull immediately went after her dogs.

'First, it was after Fozzie Bear, and then, somehow, got a hold of Penny. Unfortunately, had her by the neck dangling on the hind legs,' Robinson explained.

Fozzie Bear ran away, and Robinson said the owner of the pit bull did, too, once he got his dog.

'I'm thinking he probably does live in this community. He did have a bicycle, a yellow bicycle, and it didn't look like one of the ones you rent at the oceanfront,' said Robinson.

Virginia Beach Animal Control arrived and told her to get Penny to the vet. Robinson took Penny to Beach Animal Hospital where it took nine stitches to close three wounds. The cost of treating Penny was about $300.

Robinson wants the pit bull's owner to know the extent of Penny's injuries and how much it took to care for her.

'We're stuck with a very high medical bill, and I just wish that you would have stayed at the scene because, had it been a person, would you have fled too?,' asked Robinson.

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