HAMPTON -- Not far from where the City of Hampton is building a new Circuit Court building, archaeologists have unearthed the site of the Grand Contraband Camp.

It's where former slaves lived during the Civil War, waiting for freedom.

Archaeologists from the James River Institute for Archeology spent a month digging in three sections. They picked the areas they believe haven't been occupied since the time of the civil war, looking for features related to the contraband time period.

'We found trash pits, a well, and evidence of fence lines that probably represent the little plots that contraband families would have lived on,' Senior archaeologist Matt Laird said

From these things, archaeologists can tell how people lived and what they ate.

Mike Cobb, the Curator for the Hampton History Museum said: 'Many people here in Hampton are descendants of the Contraband. They feel very much connected to this story.'

It's an important story for the country,' said Laird.

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