DARE COUNTY, N.C. -- Arrested on August 22, 2014 was 23 year old Timothy Javon. Members of the Dare County Narcotics Task Force* were conducting an investigation into an individual that was allegedly bringing large amounts of Crack and Powder Cocaine to Dare County to sell.

The Task Force officers, assisted by Dare Sheriff's Patrol and Criminal Investigative Division deputies, conducted a vehicle stop in the East Lake community, based on the results of the investigation.

Pursuant to this stop, a search of the vehicle yielded a Trafficking amount of Crack and Powder Cocaine. There was a quantity of U.S. Currency seized as well. As a result of this investigation and seizure, Javon was arrested and charged for trafficking in cocaine by transportation, trafficking in cocoaine by possession, possession with the intent to sell or deliver cocaine, and felony aid and abet. The suspect was out on bond from Chowan County on similar charges.

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