WENDELL, N.C. (WTVD) -- Classrooms in one Johnston County school were so crowded that students were forced to sit on the floor while learning. It happened for two days, according to one parent.

'They even had one child yesterday ask the teacher if he can bring his beanbag so he'd have something to sit on,' said parent Cathy Meares.

For the last couple of days, Meares says her daughter and friends have been forced to sit on the floor at Corinth Holders High School.

Meares' daughter told her that there are too many kids in some classes and if students can't get to a chair fast enough they're out of luck.

'It's just ridiculous. I can't see myself learning or being able to concentrate like that,' said Meares.

Meares contacted ABC11 frustrated and worried about the quality of education being provided.

'I want them to have somewhere where they can sit and learn in the proper way, in the proper manner,' said Meares

Corinth Holders High was recently built. It opened four years ago. Latest attendance numbers show about 130 more students went to school Wednesday than the same time last year.

The school is in the Johnston County School District, which is the second fastest growing district in the state. Administrators say it's hard to precisely pinpoint how many kids will show up the first day of school, and how many seats will be needed exactly. All the district can do is re-adjust.

'We do have a lot of growth that does come in Johnston County,' said Johnston County School District spokesperson Tracey Peedin Jones. 'We don't know until the first day of school. We only have an educated guess. We do have to then re-access, reorganize and we, as a district, do have to look at do we need to give more resources to one school. Do we need to add more teachers? But it does take a couple of days for those things to settle out.'

The district tells us the principal has made immediate changes for students in classrooms. Meares is relieved, but feels something should have been done on day one.

'Put them in the auditorium,' she said. 'I don't see why they couldn't put them in the cafeteria or somewhere like that.'

The district says school administrators will continue to re-access and reorganize the next week or so. Requests can be made to the Department of Public Instruction for additional resources.

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