WINDSOR, NC -- People living in about a hundred homes in Windsor, NCare voluntary evacuatingafter the Cashie River flooded last night into the morning.

Many of those homes are filled withwater, as areshops on King Street.Windsor Town Hall has also flooded.

Many residents are leaving out of concern they will lose powery.

'We haven't seen this since (Hurricane) Floyd in 1999,' Windsor resident Chuch Ellis said.

Bertie County Sheriff John Holley was working to open an emergency shelter at a local school.

The river is expected to crest some time tonight, he said.

Fire Chief Billy Smithwick saidthe river's flood stage is eightfeet and it was at 15.67 feet Friday morning.

Elsewhere in Bertie County, members of North Carolina Emergency Management Task Force 10 rescued several people, including children, who were stranded in Bertie County.

Swift water rescue and Helo-aquatic rescue teamspulled people from vehicles and homes. State emergency management officials said more than 100 people have been rescuedin Bertie, Beaufort and Hertford counties.

A night ops helicopter form Coast Guard Air Station ElizabethCity responded to calls from the assistant director for emergency management tohelp in Hertford County.

The crew was first sent to rescue a person whose vehicle had run off the road, but the foliage was too dense for the crew to perform a rescue.

While assessing that situation, the crew was diverted a couple miles away to rescue a person in Ahoskie whose car was submerged. The person was in waist-deep water, officials said.

After that, thecrew was sent toNorthampton Co., where they recovered a person who was stranded by floodwaters.

The helicopter returned to the initial call scene, where theNorthampton Swift Water Response Team had arrived and wasassisting the woman.

Many rivers and creeks hadn't reached their peak Friday, soofficials warn conditions could get worse in the next day or two.

Many roads that had been closed by floodwaters were open by Friday night.

Governor Bev Perdue declared a state of emergency ahead of the storm. Hertford County andTown of Windsor officials issued declarations Friday morning.

Officials said much of eastern North Carolina experiencedlevels of flooding that hadn't been seen since Hurricane Floyd in 1999.

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