NORFOLK - A new proposal to expand the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel by four lanesand easeother transportation issues inHampton Roadscalls for tolls as highas $6.00 on three spans.

Tolls would be put on the HRBT, Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel and the James River Bridge by the private Hampton Roads Crossing Group.

Mark Lemon, the group's project director,told 13Newstolls would be charged each way on each of the three bridges and tunnels.

The HRC proposalcalls for it tooperate the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel and Interstate 64 from I-664 to I-564 in Hampton, Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

'Our proposal is that the cost of this investment for the HRBT expansion and improvements to the MMMBT and James River Bridge be met by charging tolls to the users of the facilities,' the group states in its 106-page submission to VDOT.

Construction would begin in 2014 and wouldbe complete by the end of 2018.

VDOT will accept competing proposals for the next four months before considering all proposals on the table.

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