YORKTOWN Federal officials are investigating incidents of bullying in York County schools.

The Feds started encouraging schools to look out for this type of anti-discrimination in October.

One case the U.S. Department of Education is looking into is the suicide of 16-year-old Christian Taylor.

His mother Lisa Williams said he was driven to hang himself after being bullied for months at Grafton High School.

She also believed her stepson was being bullied in the same school system.

Despite Taylor's death last May, Williams says the York County School system is not doing enough to prevent bullying.

She said her stepson, 14-year old William Juntti, was bullied at Grafton Middle School for wearing black and white colored jeans.

'[He] walked up to me and said you know everyone is calling you gay because your jeans are gay,' said Juntti. 'That's when he kind of shoulder shoved me into the wall and I was walking back to my desk and he shoulder shoved me back again.'

Williams said she asked administrators what they would do to protect her stepson but she was not told what would be done specifically.

Because she said she could not be reassured, she planned to pull William out of the school system.

'I'm not willing to risk another child for this to happen to me again. I can't do that,' said Williams.

York County Schools wouldn't comment on Juntti's bullying complaints because Lisa Williams has a pending lawsuit against the school board for her son Christian's death.

A Department of Education spokesman said that it usually takes about six months to investigate a complaint. He added that DOE gets about 7,000 of these types of civil rights complaints a year and only a third of the complaints are investigated because of jurisdiction issues.

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