UPDATE 2/25/14: Commonwealth's Attorney spokeswoman Macie Pridgen tells that David Baust had a bond hearing at 2 p.m. for one count of strangulation.

According to Pridgen, Baust was granted a $2,500 bond., he can't possess or own a firearm, and can't have any contact with the victim, her workplace, children or property.

Pridgen says Baust was charged last Friday. His next court date is April 4.

VIRGINIA BEACH -- A Virginia Beach EMS worker was in court this week (2/24/11), accused of impersonating an officer.

The misdemeanor charge against Captain David Baust stems from an incident last December.

Paul George says it was three days after Christmas when he noticed an ambulance barreling down Independence Boulevard with sirens blaring and lights flashing but no headlights on.

George said he tried to alert the ambulance driver by flashing his high beams on and off in her side view mirror.

Once the ambulance turned onto Haygood Road, George said he noticed red and white lights flashing in his rear view mirror.

'I looked in my rearview mirror and it kicked in my mind I was just pulled over by a guy with red lights and a guy who has EMS written on his shirt and cap,'he said.

George said Captain Bast accused him of riding too close to the ambulance.

'He proceeded to accuse me of it with a very nasty tone. He told me he had my tags in the computer system and that the next time I did it, I would get a ticket,' George continued.

George filed a complaint.

A representative from EMS confirmed its employees do not have the authority to pull citizens over.

The case went to court on Tuesday.

'The judge ruled I had enough evidence' said George. ' .....I don't want to speculate that she was going to find him guilty, but that is the way it was looking,' he stated.

The judge deferred the case for a year before making a decision.

According to court documents, the case was dismissed a year later.

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