VIRGINIA BEACH Navy SEALs who pulled off the successful raid that killed Osama bin Laden conducted intensive training of the planned assault before ever setting foot in Pakistan.

Members of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group also known as SEAL Team Six are credited with pulling off Sunday's raid.

The Newsweek/Daily Beast website is reporting the team used a replica of bin Laden's compound and that it's located in Hampton Roads. The site reads the SEALs 'built a full-scale model of the one-acre compound at their base in Dam Neck, Va., just south of Virginia Beach, where they practiced the raid.'

The New York Times reports that SEALs set up training facilities made to resemble bin Laden's compound on both U.S. coasts and that training began in March.

13News talked with residents who live near Naval Air Station Oceana's Dam Neck Annex. They seemed surprised.

'That is really interesting,' said Gmerice Brown. 'I didn't even think they did all that down here in Virginia Beach.'

Navy and Defense Department spokespersons would not comment.

Former Navy SEAL Team Two member Dave Rogers said although he couldn't confirm the replica's existence, it makes sense they would do intensive training before the actual mission.

'You can never be able to train for what it's going to be like, so what you try to do is just load yourself up with as many different scenarios as possible,' said Rogers.

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