VIRGINIA BEACH -- Condo owners at River Cove Point off of Great Neck Road say they paid thousands of dollars for repairs they have yet to see.

'I had to refinance my house. I gave them the $14,000 two years ago and I have not seen the first hammer, first nail, nothing,' said Danette Blevins who owns a unit in the complex.

She said back in 2009, the condo board issued a special assessment for the repairs after changing the bylaws to make each homeowner responsible for exterior repairs on their buildings.

'Unsuspecting to me, my board in my documents said they would provide maintenance to my home every four years. They have not done that,' said Janet Franks, a homeowner who is also filing a lawsuit along with two other homeowners in the complex against the condo board.

'I think that there are some rights in there that have been violated,' said Franks. Meanwhile other homeowners say they think the board was justified in issuing the special assessment.

'If they want more money I couldn't possibly come up with that but I am behind the project and the board on this. It's good in the long run,' said homeowner Linda Jones.

The Select Group manages the complex and could not tell us when all of the repairs will be made.

An attorney for the condo board said she could not comment on the situation because of the pending lawsuit.

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