WAYNESBORO -- Eagle fans have been waiting for this day. The live EagleCam so people around the world can watch the three eaglets moved from Norfolk Botanical Garden is now transmitting again.

The camera has been down for a week. Last Tuesday morning, the eaglets were removed to get the staging work done for the newly-refurbished 100-foot flight pen.

Officials at the Wildlife Center of Virginia says two of the three eaglets are visible; the third isn't on camera because she's being treated for a chip fracture in one of her legs.

'The only different thing is the new angle into the eaglet nest. The cam has been moved further out in the flight pen, so that we can hopefully catch some of those short flights as they leave the nest and start to explore,' said Director of Outreach Amanda Nicholson.

The three bald eagles were relocated to the Wildlife Center of Virginia on April 27, a day after their mother was killed as an Air Wisconsin plane landed at Norfolk International Airport.

Over the weekend, Annette Daly, Director of Corporate Learning and Communications for Air Wisconsin, visited the Wildlife Center to see where the eaglets are growing up and get a tour of the center. During her visit, she presented a check to help support the eaglets' care.

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