VIRGINIA BEACH Two men who were contracted parking enforcement employees for Virginia Beach are now charged with embezzlement.

Christopher Williams and Mark Apperson, both of Virginia Beach, were responsible for delivering locked boxes with change inside them from Oceanfront parking meters. But on Monday morning, the men diverted from their route and into a local grocery store. The manager noticed them dumping a large amount of change into the coin change machine and became suspicious. The manager then called police.

The amount of money missing is about $1,300.

Williams and Apperson were wearing uniform type shirts with the words 'Meter Enforcement' printed on them. They were driving a vehicle with a Virginia Beach Parking Enforcement logo on the door.

Williams was arrested at his home on Tuesday. Apperson turned himself into authorities the next day.

Both men are charged with Embezzlement and Conspiracy to commit a Felony. They are out of jail on bond as the investigation continues.

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