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NEWPORT NEWS--35 people have been indicted as part of an ongoing investigation into major heroin trafficking rings operating throughout the Peninsula.

To date, 72 federal defendants and more than 100 related state defendants have been charged as part of this investigation.

According to the one-count indictment unsealed Thursday, Henry Lee Taylor, a/k/a 'Junebug,' and 'Bug,' 63, of Chesapeake, is the alleged leader of an extensive heroin trafficking organization that smuggles large quantities of heroin from New York City into the Tidewater area. It has been linked to overdoses that have caused serious bodily injury and death.

Taylor is accused of regularly overseeing the transport of multi-kilograms of heroin and supervising his lieutenants as they repackaged the drug into 10-gram packages for further distribution in his network.

Through his lieutenants who were identified in the indictment as Cliff Taylor, a/k/a 'Clee,' 63, of Hampton; Thurman Young, a/k/a 'Charlie,' 47, of New York City; Darryl Leon Wiggins, a/k/a 'Go Go,' 60, of Newport News; Jeffery Allen Solomon, a/k/a 'Jeff,' 46, of Norfolk; Randy Alonzo White, 30, of Hampton; Lionell Poindexter, 63, of Hampton; and David Arthur Jones, a/k/a 'Howard,' 40, of Newport News Taylor allegedly provided the 10-gram packages to mid-level distributors, collected drug proceeds, and received reports on the day-to-day operations of the trafficking ring.

The indictment alleges that after obtaining the heroin from Taylor's lieutenants, the mid-level distributors would cut and package the heroin into glassine bags and distribute the bags to street-level distributors and customers in Newport News, Hampton, Poquoson, Gloucester and Williamsburg and throughout the counties of York and James City.

The mid-level distributors allegedly sold the heroin at prices dictated by Taylor, typically for $10 to $20 per bag or in a group of 10 bags, referred to as a 'bundle' for $80 to $100 per bundle. Each 10-gram package produced at least 20 bundles, or 200 glassine bags.

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