PORTSMOUTH - Pepper spray isn't the only way to deal with some out-of-control students.

A 13News investigation found Portsmouth, Virginia Beach and Hampton school resource officers have tased students.

Last September at Woodrow Wilson High in Portsmouth, police say a student was cursing and refusing to go to the school office. When the officer tried to take him into custody, the student punched him in his jaw. During a struggle, the student threw another punch and that's when the officer used the taser on the teen's abdomen. The school nurse checked the student afterward.

In April, police say a group of I.C. Norcom high students walked out of their morning class and started to fight outside. An officer tried to restrain one student, but he wouldn't give up. That's when the officer tased the boy.

Norcom student Darius McGee who says he saw an officer tase a student last year.

'He was shaking. He looked like he was in pain.' McGee recalled.

Portsmouth police say their tasers shoot a probe into the skin and officers are trained to carefully remove the tiny needles from the body.

Mother Danielle Cannon doesn't like that there's even a chance her kids could be tased while at school.

'That's dangerous. Some people if they're angry use too much power. You wouldn't want to be tased, so you shouldn't tase a child,' Cannon said.

Virginia Beach police say one student has been tased since 2009. Hampton police report two incidents -- one in June and October. Both departments would not release further information because the cases involved juveniles.

13News filed Freedom of Information requests for student tasing incidents during the 2010-2011 school year.

Norfolk, Newport News, Chesapeake and Suffolk police report no incidents.

According to an American College of Emergency Physicians' Research study, serious taser injuries are rare. However, the electric shock can speed up the heart rhythm of people who are agitated, dehydrated or under medication. The report states nearly 300 people have died after being tased.

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