VIRGINIA BEACH -- Before Spring arrives, you might want to think about environmentally-friendly ways to make over your yard.

Next time you are thinking of installing bricks, think pavers- pavers with Mongo grass.

'We're standing on an area that is permeable paving and there's a number of different styles and types, but it means the water goes through it instead of running off of it which is better for the environment that it soaks in instead of running off,' said Laurie Fox, coordinator of The Virginia Flower And Garden Expo.

Fox showed 13News native trees, shrubs, and plants that contribute to a more sustainable landscape. She also showed off drains that can carry rain water to cisterns for watering gardens or even providing water for fountains and pools.

'The bright furniture is made out of recycled grocery bags, so it's a very sustainable product to have and very weather proof. And as you can see, it's in very bright colors,' added Fox.

One designer suggests getting creative.

'Chip bags to soda cans, and it's a thing that we can all take advantage of. Lots of folks like a whimsical theme to their backyard and recycling can be whimsical,' concluded Jane McNicholas, a landscape designer.

The Virginia Flower and Garden Expo is Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.

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