NEWPORT NEWS -- On this Valentine's Day, 66 years after he popped the question, Jack Locke isn't asking for his bride's hand in marriage, he asked for it on the dance floor.

The beautiful music for this Newport News couplebegan when Harry S. Truman was in office. Back then, Jack moved fast on the dance floor and even faster trying to get Betty to marry him.

'He asked me to marry him the first or second night,' Betty said. 'I said oh my gosh, I don't even know you!'

Jack was 24, Betty was 20.

He was determined and never gave up.

'I just knew after a couple of dates I would spend the rest of my life with her, or try to,' Jack said.

Betty eventually gave in and they were married one month later.

Since then, their love has grown into a family: 3 children, 4 grandchildren, and 1 great granddaughter.

'We have had wonderful years,' Betty said. 'God has blessed us.'

Today, Jack gave his bride chocolates and a Valentine cardthat reads: 'For my beautiful wife, having the time of my life with the love of my life.'

It made Betty blush.

'I love her more right now than I ever loved her in my life,' Jack said. 'I get up in the morning and tell her I love her and before we go to bed at night.'

'I tell him the same thing,' Betty said.

After sending out Happy Valentine's Day wishes to all of the viewers who will see this story, they embraced and shared a Valentine's Day kiss -- something they've done each year for 66 years.

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