VIRGINIA BEACH-It doesn't seem like Independence Day without fireworks, but they're illegal in most places, which is why localities plan fireworks shows.

The Fire Marshal's Office and the Virginia Beach Police Department will be on patrol Wednesday, watching for illegal fireworks, including sparklers. The Fire Marshal's office even asked VDOT to put up message signs about the holiday patrols for alcohol and fireworks.

If found, authorities will confiscate them and issue summonses.

Va. Beach fire officials cite the US Fire Administration's 2011 US Fireworks Injury Report, which states there were 9,600 fireworks related injuries in 2011. 26 percent of those injuries were to children under age 15.

You can call 757-385-5000 to report illegal fireworks in Va. Beach.

Suffolk also will have officers on patrol looking for fireworks being illegally set off.

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