GATES COUNTY--The search is on for a man who tried to break into Tarheel BBQ in Eure and during the attempt, he laid down and went to sleep.

Owner Ricky Hedgepeth says his surveillance footage caught the man taking a nap after trying for 30 minutes to pry open a kitchen door last Monday.

'He just laid down right over there on that board and slept for about 3 hours,' said Hedgepeth.

The suspect never made it inside the restaurant but he did break in to a detached cookhouse. Hedgepeth said he removed a butcher knife as a tool to try and pry open the lock.

Gates County Sheriff Ed Webb said detectives are talking to persons of interest and are collecting DNA from evidence left at the scene.

Hedgepeth says the man left a cigarette butt, a plastic cup and a sunglasses.

Since the attempted burglary, Hedgepeth has posted snapshots from the surveillance videos on his Facebook page. He says people have called him and detectives with tips in an effort to help find sleeping man.

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