NORFOLK-- Amtrak promised discounted tickets in the first week of Norfolk service, but not everybody was able to take advantage of that.

Lisa Robbins and Tom Marshall purchased two $19 tickets to Washington D.C., but when they called back fifteen minutes later to order a few more for friends, the tickets had increased to $54 each.

'I questioned that and was told the more people on the train the more expensive the ticket would be,' said Robbins.

13News went online and found that tickets for the train departing on Dec. 22 weren't sold out, but the special discounted tickets were.

It's something that isn't clearly advertised in the release Amtrak sent to 13News Tuesday.

'There are terms and conditions for the discount,' said Christina Leeds with Amtrak. 'It's very clearly linked in all the releases we have out there.'

While Leeds says the limitations are stated in their terms and conditions, she was not forthcoming when asked why that detail was in the fine print.

Robbins says two separate agents didn't even know about the special rate during her third call to order tickets.

'He told me it could be up to $103 one-way for the same trip we were riding on for $19 dollars going up there,' Robbins said.

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