SUFFOLK--Police arrested a man Friday charging him with gang related activities and assaulting police officers.

Around 10:58 pm, officers were in the area of 1100 block of Cogic Square when they saw a large group of people outside an apartment building. Several had open containers of alcohol.

When the officers arrived, the group dispersed running in several directions.

One man, Terrell Saunders, was stopped for being highly intoxicated and reeking of marijuana. Police say he was told to put his hands on his head, but instead he began to argue with officers and struck one officer in the throat with his elbow. He then began to run.

According to police, Saunders grabbed another officer in a bear hug, and struck yet another in the side. Saunders was eventually subdued and taken into custody.

Police say they searched Saunders and found marijuana that was wrapped for sale.

They also say that Saunders is part of a gang and is being charged with three counts of gang participation, one for each assault, as well as three counts of Assault on Police. He has also been charged with possession with intent to distribute Marijuana, Resisting Arrest, and being Drunk in Public.

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