NORFOLK -- Two dozen food truck and push cart owners are vying for a coveted spots to do business in downtown Norfolk.

City Council last month approved allowing the portable businesses in the city right-of-way.

The lottery for the pushcart and metered spots begins at 9:00 a.m. Monday for the June 24-December 31 term.

The City will draw six numbers for trucks/trailers at designated parking meter spots (3 for existing vendors, 1 for new vendors and 2 for dessert vendors) for the five locations: 700 block of Granby Street: 2 metered spaces, 100 block of E. Freemason: Street 2 metered spaces (1 space moves to 100 block of W. Freemason when area is re-opened following construction); 300 block of Plume Street: 1 metered space and 100 block of Bank Street: 1 metered space.

There are eight pushcart sites, but three are designated for carts that have been grandfathered in. So, there will be five sites up for grabs: Plume Street Fountain Park, 600 block of Granby (west side), 100 College Place (near TCC square): E. Main Street and St. Pauls Blvd., and 150 block of Bank Street (at MacArthur Square).

Click here to learn more about the program and schedule.

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