NEWPORT NEWS -- I knew from the start we would have a lot of work to do when Sheldon Gilliam pulled a Cadillac stretch limo out, then his nephew pulled a second one out, and then came the hearse. It was a Joe's Job first!

After 18 years of cleaning cars, Sheldon Gilliam has built up a list of clients, including O.H. Smith Funeral Home, who have 12 cars for Gilliam to clean.

'Some days, it might take me a couple days to get all twelve of them done, but we try to get them all done in the same day.' said Gilliam.

I was assigned to vacuum out the interior of the hearse. Kinda creepy!

With 12 vehicles to take care of, Sheldon calls on his nephew, Jeremy Vann, to lend a hand.

'So I kind of have a passion for keeping cars clean also. I get it from my uncle, guess it kind of runs in the family,' said Vann.

Between the two of them they have managed to survive and thrive in their auto detailing business.

'And I am so particular. I am very picky. I make sure that I get it all done right, you know. And I just like to take my time and do it right the first time,' Gilliam said.

He is self-contained with his water pumping station on his truck.

'Anytime I call him he accommodates me, and that's important,' said Otis Smith Jr., funeral home owner.

So how would I do working with Sheldon in this line of work?

'Joe, I am going to hire you today. You got a job. You don't have to worry about anything. You got a job' concluded Gilliam.

For more information you can email Gilliam at sgilliam@coxnet.

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