HOUSTON Life for teen Gary Haynes has changed since he posted a Vine video that shows him catching his own 40-yard pass.

The video, uploaded in early May, quickly racked up millions of views online and led to him making the rounds on national TV. Even bigger, it got the attention of college recruiters.

But now popular 'YouTuber' Bobby Bones has uploaded a video that convincingly shows how the teen may have faked the now famous pass-catch.

Bones claims the teen simply threw the ball off to the side, off-camera, and then took off running. That's when a second football, thrown by another passer off-camera, flies into the shot just in time for him to catch it.

Gary's high school coach, on the other hand, says he has seen the teen do the stunt in-person.

Watch the video below and let us know do you think the pass-catch Vine video was faked?


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